Andrew Knobbe, Meredith LaFontaine, Kelly Schueler



Teaching students how to find Christian values in pop culture movies. Although the reason for “going to the movies” are to be entertained and eat popcorn, understanding a film is actually quite involved. Movies not only reflect life, they also have the capability of shaping our norms, values, attitudes, and perception of life. One of the films that will be screened is Man of Steel (2013), which students will learn the strong Christ-like imagery throughout the movie.

Catholic social teaching calls all Christians to be active members of their community. We need to be able to see God’s truth in our pop culture. Our Church has a rich history of enculturation, promoting the good found in secular culture, and to continue this tradition we want students to understand that movies do not have to be explicitly “Catholic” for them to teach valuable lesson and promote truth. All movies will be age appropriate.